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PCD tool Regrinding/Resharpening and Retipping

2020-10-10 13:31:41

In order to help customers to make a further decreasing in the production cost,   and also to protect the environment and recycle the non-renewable resources,   (PPG) Project PCD Grinding from MORESUPERHARD  supply provide 

regrinding/resharpening service for PCD/CBN/ND/CVD/MCD tools, especially for complex tools which is edge broken or not sharp.


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PCD Tools Resharpening/Regrinding and Retipping

What is tools resharpening?

Tools resharpening is a process of renew your old tools by cutting or grinding. It gives your old tools new life with low cost in a short time.

Why resharpening PCD tools?

Simply, it saves your money. When your tools are dull, broken, or running out of precision, resharpening them is a better option than throwing them away. It saves your 20% -- 75% cost depend on different PCD/PCBN/MCD/ND/CVD tools. And it also saves your time than buying a new tool.

Which tool is good to resharpen?

The simpler the tool, the better it is to regrind.

The Design, coating, complexity, application and the price of the tool are all determined a tool whether worth to regrind or not.

What is advantage of PCD tools regrinding?

√  Save your money.

√  Properly PCD tools regrinding can greatly extend the working-life of tools.

√  Improve the precision of tools.

√  It is a green option, it protects the environment and recycle the non-renewable resources.

How MORESUPERHARD    resharpen the PCD tools?

We choose the most suitable diamond wheels, usually the 1000-3000# grit wheels to get a allowed chipping, maybe 7μm or 5 μm,usually the normal PCD tools can be resharpened 2-3 times.

When can't resharpening?



If the size and the radius can’t get your requirement after times resharpening, we can reset/retip the new PCD tips on the cutting tools. If it's just dull (edge breakdown) and you can stand to lose diameter, a regrinding to get back to solid edge diamond is mostly just labor and grinder time.

If the edges are in pretty bad shape or you can't lose diameter then the pcd needs to be shifted out in the pockets and then reground. Lot more labor intensive and can only be done 3-4 times before the PCD substrate gets cracked from heat cycles.

If they are busted up or chipped really bad then new segments have to be wire cut and brazed on the shank.



If the PCD tools can't be resharpened anymore, let's retipping 

PCD tools, CBN tools and monocrystal diamond tools are much expensive than carbide tools and HSS tools. It is a waste to throw them away when use them up or tips broken. We can re-braze a new PCD, CBN or MCD/CVD tip on your used tools by recycling carbide bodies or a running out superhard cutting tools after a few times resharpening.

1.A lase cutting machine or an EDM wire cutting machine is used to the cut the tips into proper shape and size at the very first.

2. Then we use vacuum brazed machine or high frequency brazed machine to braze the tips on recycling carbide bodies.

3. With a PCD/CBN tools grinder, we choose the right diamond grinding wheel to give a solution of getting high precision cutting radius and smooth cutting edge

4. After the professional and strict dimension measurement, we package them with new safe box carefully.

5.You get a brand-new tool again but with only 50%-60% cost. 


Solid CBN inserts regrinding

MORESUPERHARD will evaluate and recommend all possible regrindindg and downsizing for your solid CBN inserts. Save 50% cost by get the most life possible out of your solid CBN tools.

  • Applications of PCBN tools
    09 November 2021

    Applications of PCBN tools

    Because of PCBN has high hardness and wear resistance, do not react with iron group metals at high temperature of chemical inertness, so it is mainly used for high hardness material and machining of difficult-to-machine materials, such as hardened steel, high alloy wear resistant cast iron, high temperature alloy, high speed steel, surface spray welding materials, sintered metal materials machining difficult-to-machine materials.

  • Advantages of processing aluminum with PCD tool
    04 November 2021

    Advantages of processing aluminum with PCD tool

    How to select PCD tool? Generally speaking, the larger the PCD size, the stronger the tool wear resistance. Usually finishing or super finishing, the selection of fine particle PCD, and coarse particle PCD tool selection. Tool manufacturers often recommend the use of fine particle PCD grades for silicon-free and low-silicon aluminum alloys and the use of coarse-particle PCD grades for high-silicon aluminum alloys for the same reason. PCD tool processing surface quality in addition to see the granularity of the tool, also mainly depends on the quality of the cutting edge of the tool, so the quality of PCD tool must be better. PCD cutting edge common processing methods generally have two kinds, one is through the way of slow-feeding wire cutting processing, this way of processing cost is low, but the quality of the edge is general. And the other is through laser to rough machining, the cost is slightly higher, but the quality of the edge is much better than slow-feeding wire cutting processing. There is another is to use laser rough machining and then grinding to finish, the edge quality is best.

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