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  • Laser-Cutting PCD Tools
    24 June 2021

    Laser-Cutting PCD Tools

    It is a laser beam with very high density of energy star irradiates on the surface of polycrystalline diamond, and part of the light energy is absorbed by the surface and converted into heat energy. The temperature in the local area of the irradiated spot rises rapidly to tens of thousands of degrees, which makes the polycrystalline diamond material locally melt or even vaporize and form a pit.

  • Synthetic diamond dressing tool for grinding wheel
    22 June 2021

    Synthetic diamond dressing tool for grinding wheel

    In the process of grinding wheel dressing, using synthetic diamond dressing tools is often the best alternative to natural diamond dressing tools. The reason is that the use of synthetic diamond dressing tools can ensure the grinding wheel dressing process to obtain stable and consistent dressing quality.

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