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The importance of PCD carbide tool in the field of aerospace composite material processing

2021-09-18 19:11:42

PCD cutting tools and carbide cutting tools with sharp cutting edges of the fine grinding, a widely used for aerospace category of carbon fiber reinforced material GFRP and CFRP glass fiber reinforced materials such as aluminum silicon carbide SiCpAI composite materials processing and excellent results, have land deal with the composite material processing in the process of layering, crack, burr and other shortcomings, making precision is high Light cutting effect at the same time, so that higher processing power, better wear resistance, longer tool life.

air plan processing

Compared with other materials, composite materials have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on, and become the ambitious materials in the field of aerospace. With the wide application of aerospace composite materials, it is a very important problem how to correctly select and rationally use cutting tools for efficient and high quality machining. 

Now, the aerospace manufacturing industry widely used tool materials are mainly hard alloy, super hard tool materials and ceramics, among which, hard alloy and super hard tool materials accounted for the largest proportion, in today's aviation manufacturing both become the leading tool in the development of the aerospace industry, the use of a wide range of appropriate. 

PCD cutting tools and carbide cutting tools have been used in aerospace manufacturing field. PCD tools and carbide tools have fine grinding sharp cutting edge. A, carbon fiber reinforced materials (CFRP) widely used in aerospace category , glass fiber reinforced materials (GFRP) and aluminum silicon carbide (Sicp/AI) and other composite materials processing effect is excellent, useful treatment of the composite material processing process appeared in the material lamination, tear, burr and other shortcomings, in order to achieve precision, bright light cutting effect at the same time, so that the processing power is higher, better wear resistance, longer tool life. In the process of aerospace composite processing parts of the hole processing and milling groove milling is difficult to process, with PCD and cemented carbide to create high-performance hole processing tool and milling cutter method, has now been used in aerospace composite processing.

pcd grinding pcd grinding pcd grinding

Drilling is a common and important process in the processing of composite materials, especially carbon fiber. The defects of hole machining on composite materials, such as material burn, poor surface quality, delamination, tear and collapse, are easy to occur. Hole processing tool in the 8 edge twist drill, 8 edge planning, reduce the cutting force when the drill material, prevent stratification phenomenon. Taper drill, with special other drill point, drill the axial force is small, the sharp edge to ensure the excellent quality of the hole. PCD quick socket drill, PCD cutting edge durability is high, surface roughness target retention is good, precision grade 2A thread and cone cooperation, to ensure high precision, fast and simple to replace the drill, 1000 and 130 Ming hole view point metric, US standard tool full specifications supply. Drilling and reaming one tool, drilling and suddenly pit an end, eliminating the need to use conventional drill and reamer processing back tool, tool change and tool transposition, can greatly shorten the processing time, polishing edge belt can play a squeeze light effect on the hole wall.

To squeeze the effect of light. Composite material milling cutter A/B/C, used for coarse and finishing processing of carbon fiber composite materials (CFRP) and glass fiber composite materials (GFRP), upper and lower cutting spiral edge is useful to control delamination and burr, used for insert milling and side milling. KEVILAR material milling cutter, specially designed for KEVLAR material planning of the special other blade, can be very good to block fiber, to prevent the retention of hairs and material stratification.Two-edge PCD end milling cutter (coarse), PCD sharp cutting edge to cut fiber material, with less cutting force, longer tool life, better surface cutting quality, center cutting allows flat milling and finishing. In addition, there are single-edge PCD end milling cutter, PCD end milling cutter, two-edge PCD ball head milling cutter, single crystal end milling cutter, etc., which have very good cutting effect on composite materials. 

Now aerospace category widely used composite materials mainly include resin matrix composite materials, metal matrix composite materials, carbon matrix composite materials and ceramic matrix composite materials, for different composite material processing workpiece, tool equipment plan is also constantly updated and improved.

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