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PCD blanks is mainly used in tooling industry for machining non-ferrous metals, composite materials, and wear resistant parts.

“More Super Hard” PCD cutting tool blanks are produced by sintering selected quality diamond particles at high pressure and high temperature, and consist of diamond layer and tungsten carbide substrate.

 PCD cutting tool blanksPCD blanks

More Super Hard PCD cutting tool blanks in the size of 5μm、10μm and 25μm can be used in super-fine processing and fine. They are applicable to the processing of non-metal materials as wood, ceramic, intensified planks and non-ferrous material as copper and aluminum. We can supply all kinds of PCD cutting tool blanks that diameter can reach 62mm.

The Application of PCD Cutting Tool Blanks:

PCD cutting tool blanks are widely used in various industries:

1.  Woodworking industry

PCD cutting tool blanksPCD cutting tool blanks

Moresuperhard PCD cutting tool blanks fine micron series are suitable for processing solid wood, bamboo, plastic; middle grain sizes are good for universal applications for chipboard, wood composite, MDF, laminate flooring, etc.; The mixed microns and rough micron series are mainly for HPL veneer floor, PVC flooring board, MDF/HDF, and reinforced particle panels.


2. Metalworking industry: Automobile, Aerospace, etc.

Metalworking industry: Automobile, Aerospace, etc.Metalworking industry: Automobile, Aerospace, etc.

Many grades of Moresuperhard PCD cutting tool blanks are good for tooling various materials in automobile, aerospace industries.

Our sub-micron PCD is mainly for low Si content alloys to obtain perfect processing surface. The fine micron PCD series are for processing low Si content Al alloys, copper & copper alloys. The middle microns are mainly for <14% Si/Al alloys work pieces. The mixed microns and rough microns are good for tooling >14% Si/Al alloys work pieces, cast iron, carbide, CFRP, titanium and metal matrix composites, etc.


3. Electronic industry (3C)

Electronic industry (3C)Electronic industry (3C)

Moresuperhard PCD products in medium fine grain sizes are also applicable for processing mobile phone frame, key, electronic circuit boards, etc., which require better surface finish.


4. Building materials industry

Building materials industry

Moresuperhard PCD product in medium coarse grain sizes are also widely used for processing different materials in building & constructing industry, such as graphite, stone, carbon fiber composite materials, etc., which require higher wear resistance tools.


The Advantage of PCD Cutting Tool Blanks:

 1.Super high hardness

 2.Very good wear-resistance

 3.Long working life (50-250 times longer compare to carbide cutting tools)

 4.Superior finished surface of workpiece

 5.Ideal tools for high precision machining

 6.High material removal rate

 7. Multiple shapes achieved easily with laser cut



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  • Applications of PCBN tools
    09 November 2021

    Applications of PCBN tools

    Because of PCBN has high hardness and wear resistance, do not react with iron group metals at high temperature of chemical inertness, so it is mainly used for high hardness material and machining of difficult-to-machine materials, such as hardened steel, high alloy wear resistant cast iron, high temperature alloy, high speed steel, surface spray welding materials, sintered metal materials machining difficult-to-machine materials.

  • Advantages of processing aluminum with PCD tool
    04 November 2021

    Advantages of processing aluminum with PCD tool

    How to select PCD tool? Generally speaking, the larger the PCD size, the stronger the tool wear resistance. Usually finishing or super finishing, the selection of fine particle PCD, and coarse particle PCD tool selection. Tool manufacturers often recommend the use of fine particle PCD grades for silicon-free and low-silicon aluminum alloys and the use of coarse-particle PCD grades for high-silicon aluminum alloys for the same reason. PCD tool processing surface quality in addition to see the granularity of the tool, also mainly depends on the quality of the cutting edge of the tool, so the quality of PCD tool must be better. PCD cutting edge common processing methods generally have two kinds, one is through the way of slow-feeding wire cutting processing, this way of processing cost is low, but the quality of the edge is general. And the other is through laser to rough machining, the cost is slightly higher, but the quality of the edge is much better than slow-feeding wire cutting processing. There is another is to use laser rough machining and then grinding to finish, the edge quality is best.

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