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Descriptiion of BDM-902 tools grinding machine:

BDM-902 is a manual high- accuracy, high-efficient universal grinding machine, with many advanced functions such as constant pressure feeding, fast feeding and withdrawing, on-line measurement and inspection, on-line wheel dressing. 

Features of BDM-902 tools grinding machine

• Low-vibration, high-strength grey cast iron machine base.                                                                                       pcd grinding

• Pneumatic constant pressure feeding, fast feeding and withdrawing.

• Precise bearing, high strength linear guiding, ball screw.

• High precise mechanical spindle.

• Integrated dressing of the grinding wheels.

• Integrated on-line inspection and measurement system.

• Integrated the tool position display system.

Key components of BDM-902 are all from famous brand: 

1. NSK bearing


3. MOTOVARIO decelerating motor

4. CAMOZZI pneumatic components

5. FAGOR optical scale etc.

*BDM-902 Equiped with our special fixtures, the machine is not only successfully used in any kinds of tools high-efficient grinding, but also applied in machining high- accuracy milling cutter and reamer with ±3μm dimensional accuracy and Ra0.5 surface roughness.

Parameter of BDM-902 tools grinding machine :

Grinding spindle travel 430mm
 Grinding spindle height adjustment            120mm
 Grinding spindle inclination                   -5-25 °
Grinding spindle oscillation size                0-50mm
Grinding spindle oscillation frequency 0-45 strokes/min
Grinding spindle speed                       1000-4500rpm
Grinding spindle motor power                 2.2kW
Slider feeding size                           120mm
Worktable swiveling angle                    0-240 °
Worktable travel                            60×60mm
Contact pressure                            0-400N
 Image magnification                         10-65x
Optical tube travel (WUV)                 50×150×150mm
Object distance of optical tube                300mm
Optical scale resolution                       0.001mm
Encoder resolution                           0.018°
Total power                                 4kW
Dimension                                  1780X1850X1450mm
Net weight                                  about 2800kg

Standard configuration of BDM-902 tools grinding machine:

Main part of machine
 power supply and control system
 Coolant system
On-line inspection system
 Positioning display system
 Machine light and LED ring light
Quick clamping fixture
Pivot electric locking device
 Standard accessories

Application of BDM-902

Grinding PCD, CBN, ceramics, carbide, HSS tools.


       pcd grinding


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